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It’s not always what you say, but how you say it that counts. Especially when you’re asking investors to update their personal information via email or worse, mailed paper forms. That doesn’t exactly scream effective and expedient communications.

Yet effective communication is the key to any success, whether within your team, your firm, or with your clients. Or when it comes to bringing in new business. It’s absolutely essential to be attuned to your investors’ communication preferences, and even more importantly, in possession of their most updated contact information.

So how do you stay in possession of this information as people change last names, switch companies, or change email addresses? We’ve got the solution. Why not allow your investors to go beyond accessing fund information in your Backstop Portal?

We’ve now made it possible for your investors to access and modify their contact and personal records via the Backstop Portal. It’s fast for them and much easier for your administrators. Added bonus: this capability will also boost your firm’s workflow efficiency and overall data quality.

Make staying in touch easier. For more information about Backstop’s new “Portal Profile” functionality, please contact your Relationship Manager or Backstop support at (312) 277-7702 or