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For Savvy Allocators, Performance Isn’t Everything (No Matter What Managers Might Think)

While performance is vital, outsized returns aren’t enough to attract and retain capital. Our relationships with more than 300 allocator clients has enabled us develop a unique understanding of their priorities and criteria. And, we’re sharing those insights in our newest white paper, available for download now.

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It’s Holiday Season! Let’s All Get Ready for Extreme Spear Phishing

By Michael Neuman, VP of Information Security, Backstop Solutions Group

The holiday season is wonderful and stressful, happy and hectic, all at the same time. With everyone’s adrenaline pumping to get year-end activities finalized at work and preparations completed at home, the stage is set for one more (unwelcome) holiday surprise … extreme spear phishing.

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Operational Excellence Is Within Your Grasp

Agility is where it’s at – for all companies, in all industries, at all times. That includes the world of alternative investment firms, where agility is all about organizing the flow of information that attracts, manages, and retains capital. To achieve such agility, alternative investment firms need to practice operational excellence.

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