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Does Expiring Documents Make You Want to “Expire?”

Everything has an expiration date these days: eggs, milk, sunscreen…and in our world, sensitive investor documents. Relying on our gray cells to keep track of documents and their varying expiration dates is a failing proposition. Case in point for the alternative investment industry: having to remember the documents that need to be disabled, then having to update the file metadata to disable them, and then refreshing those documents in their investor portal to reflect those updates is a massive time sink.

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An Exceptional Evening Awaits The 2018 BUC Attendees.

Along with an agenda packed with insightful panels and informative speakers, those attending this year’s Backstop User Conference can also look forward to an amazing evening at the famed Chicago Art Institute.

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Your Contacts, Your Way: Configuring How You Create Data

Backstop is the most flexible, agile productivity suite available to the alternative investment industry today.  Empowering users across multiple verticals to get more done in less time is of crucial importance to us, but more importantly, we speak their language. Things like field and entity names, or report titles, may be unique to a particular firm, and this is where Backstop comes to shine.

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Four New Innovations Coming Your Way

Let's face it - when you're the "Project Sponsor," the "Power User," or the "Local Admin" for software your organization uses, you magically become the single source for any help required, and all changes and configurations that need to be made in that software. You can expect to be called upon for everything from changing a username or resetting a password to creating a client-configured layout of fields specific to your organization. That means you spend precious minutes working on administrative tasks, instead of doing the jobs actually associated with your title.

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Concentrated Benefits in a Consolidated Header

By Kyle Knopp

Now that our new Consolidated Header is out in the wild,  and we have had a chance to receive feedback from you, here is a broader perspective on WHY we did this and WHAT this enables down the road.

  • Scalable design. Our UX team performed in-depth user research to develop this new header design to help you get more done faster than ever before. It also provides an enhanced foundation for us to introduce new, relevant solutions in the coming months. I can’t wait to share more as we kick-off upcoming projects.

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