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Here's Your Easy Button

As an investment analyst, you literally live in Excel. You spend so much of your workday modeling, analyzing, and visualizing data in Excel that you probably feel like it’s your second home. Because we know Excel plays such a pivotal role in your workday, Backstop’s bringing you a new Data Import functionality for our Excel Toolkit that you’re going to want to write home about.

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Concentrated Benefits in a Consolidated Header

By Kyle Knopp

Now that our new Consolidated Header is out in the wild,  and we have had a chance to receive feedback from you, here is a broader perspective on WHY we did this and WHAT this enables down the road.

  • Scalable design. Our UX team performed in-depth user research to develop this new header design to help you get more done faster than ever before. It also provides an enhanced foundation for us to introduce new, relevant solutions in the coming months. I can’t wait to share more as we kick-off upcoming projects.

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