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In the Shadow of September 30th: Building Investor Relationships to Reduce Redemption Notices

By Bob Goldbaum, SVP 

With September 30th just around the corner, you may be feeling stressed as a fund manager. Will investors give you redemption notices for year’s end? If so, how many? How will the withdrawals affect your fund? What can you do to encourage investors to stay or even increase their allocation to your firm– in particular those who may be on the fence?

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What Does “Transparency” Mean to an LP and How Can GPs Deliver It?

Limited partners (LPs) are demanding greater and greater levels of transparency from general partners (GPs) today. But what, exactly, does that mean, and how can GPs deliver it? In a recent Buyouts Insider webinar sponsored by Backstop, five industry experts gave their perspectives on this increasingly critical LP requirement. In case you missed it, these were the highlights:

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