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How the W.K. Kellogg Foundation Attracted a World-Class Investment Team

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How We Take User Experience to the Next Level: Through Observation

We like to observe our clients in their work environments. Sound intrusive? Maybe. But this is what user experience practitioners do. It’s our job. Understanding our users’ goals and behaviors is imperative and factors prominently in our product design.

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SOC 2 Report Verifies Backstop Solutions’ Robust Security

The evolving dynamics of the institutional investment industry form a complex dance. Everything adds to the intricate pattern: market changes, investment managers, investor needs, institutional partnerships, economic patterns ... and, yes, regulatory and compliance controls around security and data privacy.

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Maximum Flexibility: Teaching Yoga to Software

As part of the investor relations team for an equity long/short, Rob wears many hats. Among them are capital raising and sales and marketing, so he spends a lot of time with his broker-dealers, mining them for introductions.

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Real Estate Investment and Affordable Housing Join Forces in Austin

Austin, Texas, is one of the fastest growing cities in America – but that growth is causing a real estate affordability crisis for the middle-income residents who compose the city’s core workforce. In 2016, a non-profit organization, Affordable Central Texas (ACT), founded the Austin Housing Conservancy (AHC) Fund to meet this crisis. AHC is an investment fund that buys multifamily apartment properties in neighborhoods throughout Austin and preserves their long-term affordability for people who are the backbone of the city. AHC therefore bridges two worlds: the investment world and the non-profit world.

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