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Measuring the Performance of Private Equity

Our Approach to Public Market Equivalent (PME) Benchmarking

What’s the best way to benchmark Private Equity investments? It’s a question that’s been debated for years by performance practitioners, academics, fund managers, and capital allocators alike.

At Backstop, we feel that recent years have proven that a reliable performance assessment of a Private Equity investment can’t be based on a single method. Instead, that assessment must be developed by using multiple tools.

To take that stance a bit further, it’s Backstop’s firm belief that any analysis that doesn’t utilize “Public Market Equivalent” (PME) benchmarking techniques is incomplete.

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For Alternative Investment Firms To Thrive In The Future, They Must Increase The Focus On The Business Itself. 

To survive as a business, an alternative investment management firm must have a repeatable, predictable, sustainable capital-raising and retention process. While this hasn’t been a priority in recent years, it must become one. Our newest white paper authored by our CEO Clint Coghill,  “ Building a Capital-Raising and Investor-Retention Machine ,” explains why this shift is important, and how to initiate a focused, effective process.

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It's Time To Step Away From The Spreadsheet.

Many asset owners and allocators still handle data with static documentation, like Excel spreadsheets – despite the fact that their data is changing by the second. But new regulations implemented in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis have spurred a shift from static systems to systematic data management. Those that haven’t made the switch will soon see the impact.

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BUC 2017 is 1 Week Away!

We can't believe it - our 11th annual Backstop User Conference is almost here. Each year, BUC receives overwhelmingly positive feedback from our clients, so this year we've invited the entire community to broaden the range of insights garnered and facilitate even more in-depth discussions. We're excited to announce the addition of industry-focused panel sessions to our agenda this year that will explore alternative investing's most pressing topics.

You can find the full agenda here to check out our roster of industry sessions and panels.

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One Million Reasons to Attend Backstop's 11th User Conference on June 6-7 in Chicago

Join us to see for yourself the multiple benefits of attending BUC!

For the first time ever, we're opening the doors of our user conference (BUC) to the industry and inviting all of our peers (Backstoppers and non-Backstoppers alike) to engage in an open dialogue about the most important issues facing the alternative investment community today.

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