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Real Estate Investment and Affordable Housing Join Forces in Austin

Austin, Texas, is one of the fastest growing cities in America – but that growth is causing a real estate affordability crisis for the middle-income residents who compose the city’s core workforce. In 2016, a non-profit organization, Affordable Central Texas (ACT), founded the Austin Housing Conservancy (AHC) Fund to meet this crisis. AHC is an investment fund that buys multifamily apartment properties in neighborhoods throughout Austin and preserves their long-term affordability for people who are the backbone of the city. AHC therefore bridges two worlds: the investment world and the non-profit world.

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Freeing Up Time and Resources at Freestone Capital

With more than $4.8 billion in assets under management and offices in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Santa Barbara, Freestone Capital is one of the larger wealth management companies on the West Coast. It’s also one of the most progressive. Backstop Solutions has been a partner in that progressive advance for ten years, boosting operational efficiencies and supporting investment management in innumerable ways.

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In Portfolio Management, Cash is Also King

The maxim, “cash is king,” isn’t just true in business. It’s also true in investment management: every one of our CIO clients cares about cash. Pensions, endowments, foundations, and insurance investors can never fall short on cash, no matter what market conditions are. Some investment offices even have a staff member whose full-time job it is to make sure that what’s reflected in their bank accounts is what’s reflected in their portfolio management system. That’s why our latest release deepens our clients’ ability to reflect the cash holdings in their portfolios. We can give CIOs an intelligent and fuller representation of the uninvested cash in their portfolios.

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We’ve Amped Up Our Integration with Preqin

Do you ever wonder how your fellow fund managers keep up with their clients? With so many changes in today’s organizations, it’s easy to lose track, isn’t it? You scout new prospects. You identify the decision makers. You zero in on the points of influence. Who has time to file multiple reports and monitor all this information in multiple places? 

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These Three Factors Determine What Technology To Choose For Private Equity Deal Management

If you’re in any aspect of private equity, you understand that technology is a critical component of your deal team’s operations. But how should PE firms decide which technology to select to underpin their deal management processes? This blog post helps private equity firms to bridge the gap by describing the three most important factors to consider, as well as their implications. The three factors are: 

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