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When It Comes to Reporting, Setting & Forgetting Is Best

It’s an exceptionally hectic Monday. Your morning commute was snarled, your usual cup of coffee was polluted with the wrong creamer, and now you’re scrambling to make your weekly business development meeting. By the time you print off your prospective investors/opportunities report and dash in, it’s far too late to fix the fields that you just noticed you forgot to fill out during the week.

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Asset Owners: Rise Above The Noise With Increased Visibility

As an institutional asset owner, this scenario may be nauseatingly familiar: several days have passed since the end of the quarter, and you still haven’t received the quarterly follow up from all of your investment managers.  In fact, you expect all of your investment managers to send you regular monthly check-in correspondence, and every month, this one is late.  How are you supposed to adhere to your institution’s compliance policies or review key performance portfolio indicators?

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Join Us In New York City For “Digital Transformation in Asset Management: How Visionary Leaders Are Affecting Change”

Are you seeing what we’re seeing?

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Backstop’s Women in Technology Event Focuses on the Impact of Diversity & Inclusion

By Alaina Barron

Two years ago, a group of women at Backstop created an internal “Women in Technology” group as part of our employee-facing diversity and inclusion programming efforts. As a member of what we affectionately call “WIT,” I can tell you that I have personally derived a great deal of benefit from this. In addition to the psychological reassurance of knowing that Backstop supports diversity and inclusion, I also love having the opportunity to take a deep-dive into the most interesting and relevant topics of the day for women and gender minorities.

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Is Your Browser a Blueprint for Hackers?

In the long list of deliverables you are tasked with as an alternative investment firm, updating your browser may not rank very high. But it should – otherwise, you are providing a blueprint to hackers on how to get into your systems and steal your data.

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