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BUC 2017 is Full of Events You Won't Want To Miss.

As the Backstop User Conference approaches, we’re busy developing an agenda packed with respected experts sharing invaluable insights on the issues that matter most to the industry. Here are just a couple of the sessions you won’t want to miss.

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Breaking the Cycle: Our Recent Webinar Focused on Avoiding Common Mistakes Committed During SEC Audits

As focused and precise as most investment managers are, many of them continually make the same mistakes during SEC audits. To make the situation more frustrating, they ought to know better. 

Our recent HFM webinar took a closer look at this potentially frustrating phenomenon. The panel discussed the four most common errors even the savviest managers frequently make during SEC audits. And, they offered proven best practices that can help break the cycle, and help you move toward error-free audits.

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What Does “Transparency” Mean to an LP and How Can GPs Deliver It?

Limited partners (LPs) are demanding greater and greater levels of transparency from general partners (GPs) today. But what, exactly, does that mean, and how can GPs deliver it? In a recent Buyouts Insider webinar sponsored by Backstop, five industry experts gave their perspectives on this increasingly critical LP requirement. In case you missed it, these were the highlights:

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At Our Women's Event, We Leaned In Together. And It Was Fantastic.

By Beth Hayden, SVP, People & Development

Last week, Backstop hosted a women-only event titled, “Women Supporting Women in Financial Services: Let’s Lean in Together.” It was a HUGE success. Attendees and speakers alike found it to be an invaluable platform that enabled us to learn from each other’s experiences, share strategies, and offer support.

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Building Reports in Backstop is Now Easier Than Ever.

By Prashant Patel

We know the value of reporting to our users. Whether you are new to building reports in Backstop or the primary report creator on your team, you need to be able to build reports quickly and confidently.

As product manager responsible for reporting solutions, I have worked over the past several quarters with users to identify the primary obstacles to report creation. Today we are excited to introduce new solutions, which address these needs and lay the groundwork for additional enhancements this year.

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