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An Exceptional Event, Designed For Exceptional Women

Women in the financial services industry face unique issues – and that may be putting it very mildly. Consequently, we need to develop unique strategies for dealing with those issues. Working together on these efforts gives us a greater chance of breaking through.

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Concentrated Benefits in a Consolidated Header

By Kyle Knopp

Now that our new Consolidated Header is out in the wild,  and we have had a chance to receive feedback from you, here is a broader perspective on WHY we did this and WHAT this enables down the road.

  • Scalable design. Our UX team performed in-depth user research to develop this new header design to help you get more done faster than ever before. It also provides an enhanced foundation for us to introduce new, relevant solutions in the coming months. I can’t wait to share more as we kick-off upcoming projects.

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Operations for Alternatives Miami 2017

At OFA 2017, you'll gain the insights that can help ensure you're prepared. Hope to see you in Miami.

In today's regulatory environment, the only constant is change.

Today’s alternative investment professionals face challenges their predecessors may never have imagined. Enhanced regulatory oversight, increasing compliance requirements, and heightened investor scrutiny are just the beginnings of the list.

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Here’s The Scoop On “CloudBleed”

By Michael Neuman

Sensitive information such as passwords, cookies, and encryption keys have been leaked on the internet due to a security issue at the service provider CloudFlare. Backstop Solutions Group is not a client of CloudFlare, and is not affected by this security issue. 

The problem, nicknamed “CloudBleed,” involved  CloudFlare’s edge servers “running past the end of a buffer and returning memory that contained private information,” per CloudFlare CTO John Graham-Cumming. After intensive work, CloudFlare has resolved the issue.

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Cost Conscious and Cautious: Insights from the HFM Asia Operational Leaders’ Summit

By Steve Au

Hedge funds are having a tougher time in the Asian market than in the U.S. market. With liquidity scarce, it’s difficult to raise capital. It is not surprising, then, that the tone of the HFM Asia Operational Leaders’ Summit held last week in Macau, China was one of caution and cost consciousness. The senior operational executives at the summit zeroed in on how to achieve cost savings and operational efficiencies while avoiding risk and maintaining compliance.

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2003 Called. They Wanted Their Header Back.

By Kyle Knopp

As the Backstop Product Manager for Contacts & Activity Management, I’m committed to continually developing new ways for our clients to get more done, more easily. As part of that commitment, I’m fired up to announce the launch of our new Consolidated Header!

The Consolidated Header has reorganized the information available at the top of every page in Backstop in a way that works best for you. It’s easier than ever to find your way around, access the features you want, and accomplish more, in less time.

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These Were The 5 Hot Topics We Discussed At HFM Europe

By Bob Goldbaum and Craig Rowland

The HFM European Tech Leaders’ Summit, held this year in London, sizzled with energy as senior executives and technology staff engaged in panel discussions and roundtable conversations. A wide range of alternative investment firms was represented, from those who handled $100MM in assets under management (AUM) to those responsible for several billion dollars. As we listened and participated at the summit, we gained many insights:  

1. In the “build vs. buy” debate, “buy” is gaining ground.

Tight budgets and conflicting priorities are driving alternative investment firms to put cost benefits under the microscope in build vs. buy discussions. With the growing availability of off-the-shelf products and third-party service providers, buying is becoming a more and more attractive option, especially when the software or service in question is operational in nature. For example, investor servicing, reporting, and maintaining certain aspects of compliance can all be administered with purchased products or services.

Choosing to buy rather than build cuts development costs and allows alternative investment firms to repurpose their internal resources on strategic business interests and activities such as refining their trading algorithms.

2. Cloud-based solutions: shunned no longer.

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It's K-1 Time. Is Your CRM Up To Snuff?

By Adam Pinkert

The rest of the world is still talking about the just-televised-football-game-that-cannot-be-mentioned-but-starts-with-S-and-ends-with-l. However, if you’re an alternative asset management firm, you've probably already moved on to thinking that it's time to get serious about 2016 K-1s.  This perennial tax requirement can be quite the headache, with K-1s coming from every fund and needing to go to every investor account.  Time is critical and mistakes are unacceptable.  Every investment manager COO should be asking, “Is our CRM up to snuff?” Consider these four critical K-1 deliverables before you answer! 

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See you in Hampshire: The HFM European Hedge Fund Technology Leaders Summit 2017.

Senior technology executives from leading European hedge funds will be gathering for the HFM European Hedge Fund Technology Leaders Summit 2017, and we’ll be there.

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