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For Savvy Allocators, Performance Isn’t Everything (No Matter What Managers Might Think)

While performance is vital, outsized returns aren’t enough to attract and retain capital. Our relationships with more than 300 allocator clients has enabled us develop a unique understanding of their priorities and criteria. And, we’re sharing those insights in our newest white paper, available for download now.

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Backstop Shortlisted For 9 HFM US Technology Awards and 3 Private Asset Management Awards

As our clients know, we’re committed to providing the alternative investment industry with a comprehensive range of solutions that facilitate every aspect of the lifecycle of capital. Our recent inclusion on the shortlists of two respected industry awards is a testament to that dedication. We’re both proud and humbled to have been recognized by these prestigious organizations.

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Transparency Is What Differentiates You In Private Equity IR

By Adam Pinkert, Director, Private Equity Solutions

Are you looking to differentiate yourself in the Private Equity (PE) Investor Relations space? The way to do so is clear … in fact, it is transparent. Your investors and the Limited Partner (LP) analysts who serve them are looking for a massive increase in data transparency.

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The Top Ten 2017 New Year Resolutions Every Alt Firm Should Make

By Michael Neuman, Andy Phillips, Adam Pinkert, and Bob Goldbaum

Can you believe that 2017 has dawned? It’s time to make some New Year’s Resolutions. Below are the 10 New Year’s Resolutions we believe every alternative investment firm should be making in 2017 – think of them as the alt equivalent of losing weight, eating healthier, and getting organized.

Resolution #1: Generate Structured Data.

Unstructured data is the equivalent of having a pile of sand and trying to build a house from it. It just isn’t possible; no matter how much sand you have, you can’t use it. Structured data can be likened to concrete blocks: the sand has been transformed into a usable, useful building material. Set up your systems to generate structured data, and you will have the raw material you need to fulfill Resolution #2.

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