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Why Investors Are The New Regulators Of Alts

By Bob Goldbaum, SVP Product & Market Strategy, Backstop Solutions Group

You thought the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) was tough on the private investment industry? Wait until you meet the new regulators. You know them already. You do business with them every day. The new regulators are the investors – your Limited Partners (LPs) - you seek as clients.

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The Outlook For 2017: What Are Alternative Investment Professionals Expecting?

The best way to understand the outlook for alternative investments in the coming year is to ask the industry’s most respected professionals. Our November 3, 2016 industry event in New York City provided an exceptional opportunity to do just that.

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It’s Holiday Season! Let’s All Get Ready for Extreme Spear Phishing

By Michael Neuman, VP of Information Security, Backstop Solutions Group

The holiday season is wonderful and stressful, happy and hectic, all at the same time. With everyone’s adrenaline pumping to get year-end activities finalized at work and preparations completed at home, the stage is set for one more (unwelcome) holiday surprise … extreme spear phishing.

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