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VIDEO: Backstop’s Bob Goldbaum discusses bridging the gap between allocators and investment managers with TABBForum

Backstop’s Bob Goldbaum, SVP, Product and Market Strategy, speaks with TABB Group’s Terry Roche, head of fintech research, about how technology can bridge the gap between allocators and private asset managers in the following video interview. Bob and Terry discuss the value unstructured data can add to investment decisions, the regulatory implications and data security considerations.

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#FinSoc: How fund managers use social media to raise capital and monitor industry trends


Social media is a powerful marketing tool employed ubiquitously by B2C and B2B companies. From small business owners to bankers, savvy professionals are capitalizing on the opportunity to engage with consumers and shape their brand’s image in the market.

Alternative investment managers are no exception. Social media allows funds to position their managers as industry influencers while marketing their strategies. And, in addition to using social media to generate a sales pipeline, surveys show institutional investors rely on various social media platforms to monitor industry trends and make informed investment decisions.

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Backstop cybersecurity survey shows firms heed warnings, prioritize security

Following Backstop’s cybersecurity webinar in January, a sample of attendees, including leading institutional investors, were asked about their firm’s budget allocation to address new threats and their confidence in their firm’s ability to recover from a potential attack.

The results of this study revealed a growing concern for data security. 77% of respondents listed cybersecurity as at least “an important” priority, with 34% of those respondents citing cybersecurity as a top priority for their firm. Only 4% said cybersecurity is not a priority. An additional 43% of respondents said their firm had increased its budget for cybersecurity including prevention.

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