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Operational Due Diligence (Odd), Compliance & Data Security

Backstop and ACA Compliance clients and industry peers came together on February 24th in New York City for a discussion on this year’s greatest challenges and priorities to the alternative investment industry. The panel included experts:

Emma Sugarman, Head of Investor Relations at Hudson Executive Capital

Vin Molino, SVP, Director of Operational Due Diligence at Permal

Michael Abbriano, Senior Principal Consultant at ACA Compliance

Marc Lotti, Partner - Cybersecurity and Risk at ACA Compliance

Led by Backstop’s Vice President of Product and Market Strategy, Robert Goldbaum, panelists discussed how regulatory issues like data security and compliance are affecting operational due diligence, investor servicing and capital raising.

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Backstop to host “client coffee break” on boosting security

Cybersecurity continues to be a top-of-mind concern for everyone from the individual to the federal government. Following high-profile cyber-attacks at various agencies, the White House recently announced a $19 billion budget proposal aimed at improving IT systems.

Has your firm thought about increasing security?

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3 Ways the Right Technology Can Help Raise Assets

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Whether you’re a hedge fund or an asset manager, raising capital and attracting clients is usually priority no. 1, particularly for newly launched funds. Sometimes, how a firm manages the fundraising process can be as important as the quality of the “product” being offered. According to wealth expert Russ Alan Prince, only about one in five startup hedge funds are employing a systematic process to identify and leverage these relationships.

Considering the importance of fundraising, having an organized and efficient approach may be a make-or-break success factor for funds. And as with most business processes, especially those with as many moving parts and data elements as raising capital, technology can help organize, guide, and increase success rates.

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Communicating with investors in a volatile market

Graph image

In case you hadn’t noticed, stocks have spent a lot of time in the red this year. In total, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has fallen over 1,300 points since the beginning of 2016.

Some common reactions: hide smartphone under table and plug ears at any mention of market declines, cry self to sleep, panic and sell – sell, sell!

You can do all this when you’re casually investing your own savings. Avoiding the issue isn’t a realistic option, though, when you’re managing other people’s money, and losing your cool won’t win you points with anxious investors.

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What you need to know about cybersecurity

Blog_Post_DataSecurityBackstop recently partnered with Akin Gump LLP for a live webinar discussion on cybersecurity. Panelists Michael Neuman and Natasha Kohne covered a range of topics relating to information security for the institutional investment community, including potential threats, regulatory challenges, preventative measures and response plans.

In case you missed it, here were our top 10 takeaways:

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Revamp your resolutions: up your networking game with Backstop!


January came and went, and with it many commitments to keep better habits were forgotten. Whether it was hitting the gym, sticking to a budget, or eating healthier, the New Year had us straining to change our ways.

Looking for a new resolution that’s easier to keep? Try bringing your networking efforts to the next level, with tools provided by Backstop. We can’t boost your interpersonal skills or promise you won’t be too tired to socialize after a conference, but our software is designed to build relationships, and there are a few key ways Backstop can help ensure you leverage opportunities.

Old habits will die hard, but here are two ways to advance your networking:

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