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When LPs are selecting managers, or considering further investments, what are they really thinking? Traditionally, it’s been a private – some might even say mysterious – process. At our upcoming West Coast Connect event, we’re bringing it out into the open, and maybe even revealing some well-kept secrets.

It's always of interest for us, Backstop, to stay top-of-mind when it comes to thought leadership in the industry. Through whitepapers, webcasts, and other opportunities we've so far succeeded. We'll be adding to our list the panel discussion we're hosting at the April 19th event in Palo Alto, "West Coast Connect".

Benchmarking Private Equity/Venture Capital Investments: How LPs Really Judge GPs
The highlight of our evening is sure to be a panel of respected experts, who will discuss their own unique processes, systems, and criteria. The panel will be moderated by Backstop Senior Product Manager Ben Crawford, and will take a deep dive into specifics, such as:

      • How LPs use performance benchmarking and quantitative analysis to pick managers and consider investments.
      • The relative merits of new “Gross-to-LP” and “Deal-level” performance data sets vs. traditional “Net-to-LP” performance data sources.
      • How LPs use benchmark data provided by GPs, and what happens when they diverge from other benchmarks.
We hope to see you at the Backstop West Coast Connect event! Register using this direct link