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Winning the Capital-Raising Race

Capital raising for your firm is an involved and drawn out process. While a new investor may be signed on in as little as six months, the more typical time spent engaging with a prospective investor is a twelve- to eighteen-month marathon. As the head of Business Development, you need to coach your team through the race, helping them to keep focused, stay on track, and apply their energies where it will matter most. To do that, you need data, analytics, and insights – and you need them in real-time.

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How the Global Financial Sector is Adjusting to COVID-19

This summer, Backstop assembled a roster of experts representing investment consultants, third-party marketers, and compliance advisors of industry-leading companies to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the financial sector. To get the global perspective on this matter, we hosted webinars for both the US and EU markets.

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How GTIS Provides Superior Support for Major Institutional Investors and Business Partners

With offices across the world, GTIS has a significant presence in both the United States and Brazil. Managing close to 60,000 residential units in major home building markets in the U.S., including the Southeast and Southwest, their combined value exceeds $10 billion.

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Guidelines to Appealing Answers on RFIs or DDQs

According to CoreData Research, investors classify cybersecurity or data breaches to be more significant than a fund manager change and an even more pressing reason to terminate a manager.

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Recapping Ready, Set, Scramble: How COVID-19 Is Impacting Regulatory and Institutional Due Diligence

Recently, a panel of experts joined Michael Neuman, Backstop’s VP of Information Security, for a roundtable discussion on how COVID-19 is impacting business.

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